Z Is For: Zombie


Name: Zombie

Origin: Numerous

Type: Living Dead / Undead


Zombies have various stories behind them. One well known one is African shamans poisoning worshipers creating a death-like state. The shaman would then remove them from the grave and revive them, keeping the subject in a trance in order to force the person to do the shaman’s bidding. Then you have your more Hollywood Zombies. The first method is through “Hell being too full” and then the “Dead shall inherit the earth” type of thing. Basically an apocalypse where the dead rise to devour the living. Next is the more popular and “realistic” version. In this method a virus, like rabies, mutates into a stronger human-specific strain through natural chance or as a product of genetic engineering. Either way the virus is released into the general populous and slowly infects most of the world turning the living into mindless rotting beings that seek to devour flesh. In this scenario there is no dead rising from the grave.


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