X Is For: Xanthos


Name: Xanthos / Xanthus

Origin: Greece

Type: Mythical Beast


Xanthos and his brother Balios were the horses who pulled Poseidon’s chariot. Their mother was Podarge, a harpy. Xanthos and Balios were said to be immortal, and were given to the king who would eventually come to be the father of Achilles. Achilles’s brother ended up dying and he blamed Xanthos for not saving him, as the horses now belonged to Achilles and were supposed to aid him. In turn the horse told Achilles that he too would die some day, by the will of the gods. Xanthos foretelling came true when Apollo guided the arrow that struck Achilles in the heel. To stop Xanthos from telling of any more future events the Erinyes turned the horse incompetent. The Erinyes were goddesses of Hades that punished those that violated the natural order of the world.


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