W Is For: Wyvern


Name: Wyvern

Origin: Europe

Type: Dragon / Serpent


Wyvern are a mix of both Serpent and Dragon. They posses the draconian face, and serpentine body, with wings like that of a bat. They are sometimes depicted as having two hind claws to stand upon. They are closely related to the usual four-legged dragons of Europe. Wyvern’s tails are barbed, and these creatures do not have the ability to breathe fire. They are also smaller than their more traditional Dragon counterparts. Wyverns are also not as intelligent as Dragons, and also more clumsy. They do, however, have the same levels of strength and are said to spew poison in place of fire and have poison stored in their barbed tails. Wyvern’s are also always never of good intentions, unlike Dragons who can swing either way.


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