Q Is For: Qilin


Name: Qilin

Origin: China

Type: Mythical Beast


The Qilin has different forms depending on what legend you go by, but generally has at least one horn, hooves, blue or green scaly skin, and the face of a dragon. Generally this is equivalent to the European Unicorn. Having a life span of at least 2,000 years, the Qilin is a symbol of longevity and prosperity. It is a more secluded animal, only appearing during the time of a great emperor or the birth/death of a prominent sage. It brings happiness to the few who possess the ability to see the Qilin. Some of these sightings portray the Qilin in the same mannerism as the stork of Western mythology, bringing heavenly children down to earth. Overall the Qilin is a peaceful being, not harming even grass when it walks. Some other abilities include flight, walking upon water, and purification of natural places such as rivers. Some lore even state the Qilin is a sort of reaper, protecting the spirits of the dead from evil and leading them to the afterlife.


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