P Is For: Python


Name: Python

Origin: Greece

Type: Serpent / Dragon


Python was the child of the titan Gaia, placed in the swamp of Delphi to guard the Oracle. It is said to have grow so vast that it could encircle the entire city. The goddess Hera soon grew jealous of Leto, a titan who became close to Zeus. Hera commanded Python to seek out Leto and destroy her, but Poseidon found out and hid Leto beneath the oceans waves. Apollo the sun god, and son of Leto, tracked down Python and killed her with his arrows. Where Python’s body lay was soon turned into the site for the Oracle of Delphi. Apollo also founded the Pythian games in honor of his victory. In another story Apollo wished to take over the shrine at Delphi and killed Python who stood in his way.


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