O Is For: Ouroboros


Name: Ouroboros / Uroboros

Origin: Egypt

Type: Serpent


The Ouroboros is a serpent devouring its own tail. It is the symbol of all existence. It was first depicted by Cleopatra in her alchemy text. Most form a single ring, the original having the phrase “Hen To Pan” in the middle. This means “One Is The All”. It is one single being, a serpent, but demonstrates every pattern of nature. Life unto death, birth, seasons, water cycles, you name it and it can be explained through this symbol. By devouring its tail it is giving itself life while dying at the same time. Cleopatra’s depicted the serpent as half black and half white, demonstrating both day and night and making the polarities of the symbol more obvious. This creature is a symbol seen throughout many other mythical serpents such as the previously mentioned Jörmungandr and tomorrow’s creature, Python.


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