N Is For: Nemean Lion

Nemean Lion

Name: Nemean Lion

Origin: Greece

Type: Mythical Beast


There are two main tales about where the Nemean Lion came from. One tells of the lion once living on the moon until the goddess Selene threw him to Earth. The other is that Echidna mated with her son Orthos, giving birth to the Nemean Lion. The lion was said to be nearly invincible, no mortal weapon could kill the beast. When the demi-god Hercules was given his twelve tasks of heroism, the lion became his first. Once reaching the Nemean Plains, Hercules stumbled into the lion’s cave.

The cave lay empty but soon a mighty roar sounded from behind Hercules. As he turned he saw the lion charging for him. Quickly, Hercules fired some of his arrows but to no avail. They would not pierce the Nemean Lion’s skin. With the lion almost upon him, Hercules grabbed his club that was forged from an olive tree he once tore up. The pair began to struggle in combat, Hercules soon realizing the club could not harm the lion. With the beast about to close its jaws upon the demi-gods head, Hercules turned to his supernatural strength and was able to grapple with the lion, wrestling it to death.


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