L Is For: Lilith


Name: Lilith

Origin: Middle-East (Judaism)

Type: Human, Demon


In Jewish belief, Lilith was the firs wife of Adam. She was not created from a part of Adam like Eve, but from the same ground as Adam. This made them both equals. Lilith was cast out of the Garden of Eden when she demanded to be in the dominant possession during sex. It was a sin for her to demand the same power as a man, even though they were created equals.

Some texts say she left on her own, not having been banished. She then went on to become the partner of Samael, an archangel. Legends say that Adam asked god to bring back Lilith. Three angels were sent and told Lilith that 100 of her children would die every day that she did not return to Eden. In turn she cursed the children of Adam and Eve. She is said to be the cause of stillborn and the death of infants. She transitioned from a human into a demon. The children of Samael and Lilith are called the Lilin, demonic creatures.


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