J Is For: Jörmungandr


Name: Jörmungandr / Midgard Serpent

Origin: Scandinavia (Nordic)

Type: Serpent


Jörmungandr is one of the sons of Loki, god of mischief. His siblings are Fenrir and Hel. When Jörmungandr and his siblings were discovered by Odin he cast them out, Jörmungandr being flung into the great sea of Midgard (Earth where humans dwell). Odin believed that the serpent would merely die off. Soon, however, the water levels began to drop and fish began disappearing. Anytime one would sail the ocean, Jörmungandr’s presence could almost be felt. Eventually he had grown so great Jörmungandr circled the entire world, grasping his own tail. Legend states then when Jörmungandr lets go of his tail, the world shall end. This is when he will do battle with Thor, his archenemy, during Ragnarök.


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