I Is For: Inugami


Name: Inugami

Origin: Japan

Type: Shikigami (Spirit Familiar) – Dog


Inugami are said to be created in a few different ways. The main legend is burying a dog up to the head, and scattering food around the dog. The dog eventually dies, unable to reach the food. By continuing the place food around the dog it acts as an offering to the spirit who merely wanted food when it died. Because they come from dogs, Inugami are very similar in appearance. Inugami will serve to defend their master as they would in life, but also follow their own desires. They can turn against their master if offended and carry out vengeance. They have also been known to possess humans, due to the fact their host body may have rotted away before their demands were fulfilled. The human that is taken over by the Inugami is said to be cured of all disease and illness, but ends up acting like a dog.


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