E Is For: Echidna


Name: Echidna / Ekhidna

Origin: Greece

Type: Titan


Being the daughter of primordial deities, she is quite powerful. Some stories state that she is the daughter of a Sea God and Goddess. Regardless of her origin she is said to represent filth, scum, and corruption. She is sometimes portrayed with wings and became the wife of Typhon (Typhoeus), the immortal storm giant who was imprisoned by Zeus after challenging him for Olympus. Both Echidna and Typhon shared the same parents in many stories, thus both have a similar appearance. Human upper half, serpentine lower. Typhon specifically was so great that his head was mentioned to brush the stars. Echidna is most famous for being the mother of the monsters of Greek lore. Some of her children are said to be the Hydra, Chimera, and Cerberus.


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