C Is For: Cù Sìth


Name: Cù Sìth

Origin: Scottland

Type: Mythical Beast


The Cù Sìth is said to be a legendary green hound of massive proportions. Its size is comparable to that of a cow or large wild cat. It is said to bring about death, dragging souls to the afterlife. This makes Cù Sìth a beastly version of the Grim Reaper. It usually hunts silently for its prey, but sometimes will let out a triad of booming barks. These barks supposedly could even be heard by those at sea. The hound’s call would warm the Scottish farmers to hid their wives and daughters. It is feared that the Cù Sìth would drag woman away to provide fairies and elves with milk. This beast is oddly rare in Scottish folklore as it is green, while most supernatural canines are black.


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