A Is For: Aka Manto

Aka Manto

Name: Aka Manto (Red Cape) / Aoi Manto (Blue Cape)

Origin: Japan

Type: Evil Spirit


There are two main stories but lets start off with the similarities. This creepy masked figure was once beautiful in life, so much that woman would swarm him. In death he wears a mask to hide his face. He resides usually in the last stall of the girls’ restroom, and asks his famous question. In the story of Aka Manto, he ask if the innocent person would like a red cape or blue cape. If you answer red, he will slice you and you shall bleed to death, the blood coating you as if covered by a red cloak. If you choose blue, you have the fortunate opportunity to be strangled to death until your face turns blue.

In the other form of the story he will ask if you want Red Paper or Blue Paper. If you choose red you are slashed to pieces and your blood will coat the ceiling and drip down. Blue? You still get strangled. If you think you are smart by choosing another color your fate is an interesting one. You won’t be bled or suffocated, merely dragged to the netherworld for all of eternity. No biggy right? The only way to thwart Aka Manto is to tell him that you would not like a cape/paper, and then run like hell.


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